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Eggs Up Grill CEO explains why 'Breakfast Isn't Dead'

March 2, 2021
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Ricky spoke with QSR magazine in virtual panel about the breakfast industry.

QSR Magazine recently hosted a virtual meetup “Breakfast Isn’t Dead:  Restaurant Experts Talk Tips, Tricks and Strategies.”  Eggs Up Grill CEO Ricky participated in this panel where he talked about how Eggs Up Grill franchise partners worked to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and dine-in restrictions by expanding our revenue streams.

Ricky shared how Eggs Up Grill has been able to meet the demands of guests through takeout and delivery while still delivering on the brand DNA and managing to “create a smile even when they’re not in our restaurant.” 

In addition, Eggs Up Grill focused food and menu innovation on products that are portable and limiting the amount of new ingredients and items that had to come into restaurants. 

When asked how Eggs Up Grill was changed by the pandemic season, Ricky responded “We are incredibly bullish on the future opportunity.  What’s changed about us is having more respect and passion for finding revenue channels that fit this brand.  Revenue channels that we haven’t had before.  What would have been thinking outside the box 12 months ago is just how we wake up everyday now.  How can we continue—in an on brand way—to push the envelope more?  Moving with speed and purpose we will be much stronger.  We are excited about the future!”

Click here to watch the full segment.