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Eggs Up Grill Featured on WSPA-TV (CBS Affiliate)

January 15, 2020
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Eggs Up Grill’s Spartanburg General Manager Chris Eubanks recently appeared on WSPA-TV, a CBS Affiliate, to discuss the brand’s new menu items and menu innovation at the Spartanburg test kitchen. Eubanks shared several items with the station, including a Shrimp and Grits Omelette and Peaches & Cream Pancakes, which are available at all of the brand’s 38 locations and which originated at the test kitchen.

He also shared menu items that are currently being tested in six of the brand’s locations, including Sticky Buns, Grits Souffle, a Shrimp and Grits Bowl and the brand’s “secret” to their fluffy scrambled eggs, which are all cracked to order, and never pre-cracked.

“The visual appeal to each dish are huge; as well as the craveability and memorability,” Eubanks said. “But of course, deliciousness is the most important factor.”

With 38 restaurants in operation in the Southeast, an additional 30 restaurant commitments in the pipeline, and 15 to 20 restaurants expected to open in 2020, the brand’s momentum isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon...nor are their new, delicious menu offerings.

To view the full segment, click here.