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Open a Multi-Unit Franchise with Eggs Up Grill

Our multi-unit franchise opportunities serve as a path to diversifying your current business portfolio in the white-hot better breakfast space. Our franchise partners have found success with their Eggs Up Grill investment. They have confidence in the Brand, the business model and the Team; here’s why you should, too:

Benefits of a Multi-Unit Franchise with Eggs Up Grill

More than 50% of our franchise partners are multi-unit operators. That’s because of a strong consumer appeal, an efficient and profitable operational model and the franchise support provided by Eggs Up Grill. Our Team are multi-unit franchise experts ready to show you the demonstrated scalability and profitability that can come with owning more restaurants.
staff flexibility
Restaurant Staff 
Owning multiple franchise units allows you to efficiently deploy your organizational support and expense resources across locations. A multi-location franchisee also creates career advancement paths for your top performers, strengthening team engagement and retaining top talent.
local market
Local Market 
High levels of brand awareness is a key benefit to owning multiple locations in one specific geographic area. Our development strategy allows you to establish a dominant presence in your local market, deter competitors, and solidify your restaurants as the go-to choice for breakfast and brunch enthusiasts.
cross promotional
When you are a multi-unit franchise investor, opening multiple locations throughout a defined territory allows you to cross-promote under the same brand. Special promotions, loyalty programs, and joint marketing initiatives encourage guests to visit multiple locations close to home or across town.
Learn what makes us the #1 breakfast franchise!

With our franchise experts by your side, you’ll leverage scale and diversification to propel your multi-unit business venture to exceptional heights.

Hear from Our Franchisees

  • Dean Patel
    Dean Patel
    Multi-Unit SC Franchisee
    "It’s been helpful to know that the leadership team is only a phone call away. These guys are always on top of any questions I have. It goes a long way in showing what the franchisor is all about, and that the leadership team is in it with us."
  • testimonial
    Brandon Padilla
    Multi-Unit NC Franchisee
    "The day I walked out of my prior job I was happy. I felt like a lot of weight was taken off me and a new life was beginning. With Eggs Up Grill, we’ve been able to open a restaurant that has a great hometown feel. It’s personalized to every guest. That goes a long way in my community."
  • Andy Wright
    Andy Wright
    Multi-Unit GA Franchisee
    "I’ve long been intrigued by the thought of building my own business. The restaurant’s family friendly atmosphere, the franchisees’ passion, community engagement, and focus on team development really excited me. Going from a desk job to being in the restaurant and serving guests--its hard work, but exciting and fulfilling for me.”
  • KenBates
    Ken Bates
    Multi-Unit TN Franchisee
    "I withdrew from the restaurant industry to diversify because the timing was right for me and my family to pursue other interests. I’ve always missed the restaurant franchise business, but I didn’t feel the right opportunity had come along until Eggs Up Grill. The breakfast segment is growing and I like the hours and the flexibility it allows."
  • Kevin Arnold
    Kevin Arnold
    West Ashley, SC Franchisee
    "When I checked out the concept, I loved the family atmosphere and the hours of operation. We later met the brand team, including CEO Ricky Richardson, and they were just wonderful. We knew they would provide us with the support we needed to be successful.”
  • Priscilla Conyers
    Priscilla Conyers
    Riverview, FL Franchisee
    "We did our research and found Eggs Up Grill to be the best franchise to fit our needs. We are all about outcomes and we're happy about the outcome with the brand. We do this for our family, but we also succeed for our team. It brings me joy as a business owner to know that we are making a difference in the community in that way."
  • Jackson
    Jackson Turner
    Multi-Unit SC Franchisee
    "I believe that breakfast-this type of concept-has extreme growth potential, especially in markets where we're going. With Eggs Up, the economic model is really sound."
  • Noel Arriola
    Noel Arriola
    Winter Garden, FL Franchisee
    "I picked Eggs Up Grill because they have an incredible set of people who back you up. Especially for me--I've never been in the restaurant business. It's really a whole package deal."
  • Rob Thompson
    Rob Thompson
    Multi-Unit VA Franchisee
    Eggs Up Grill’s corporate climate is what attracted me. When I was out looking for what I wanted, interviewing companies as I entered by third career, we just clicked. Their values aligned with my family values. Wanting to give back to the community and just being one big part of the community is what just sold us.
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Take the first step toward your entrepreneurial success with Eggs Up Grill! Contact us to learn more about our multi-unit franchises for sale and join our egg-straordinary breakfast restaurant family.

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